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The process closing Reckoning attach List.Hook upwards: Amanda connected with Mike.

The process closing Reckoning attach List.Hook upwards: Amanda connected with Mike.

It’s no secret that Challengers want to hook up with 1. The majority are in associations, some are “polidicking,” and more are only randy. Entering the 32nd year associated with difficulty, the history of Challengers is usually as confounding as always.

To appreciate who’s exes with who, I’ve complied a long list of hook ups, interaction. and hearsay through the times. Keep in mind, there are a lot of land ups we don’t understand, and can even can’t say for sure around. For grasp, here’s so long of a brief history since I can compile.


Hook up: Amanda installed with Mike Crescenzo during AYTO3, which concluded in a negative combat from the show amongst the two.


Affairs: Angela was a student in a relationship with Derrick Henry ahead of Ex throughout the shore, where she assumed Derrick was unfaithful. From the series, she later moved onto Tor’i, but they split up after filming.

Rumor: It’s a spoiler. Learn more here.


Union: Brad would be wedded to Tori hallway from roadway guides: visitors avenge for approximately 7 many years.

Commitments: Brad got involved in Cameran for the majority of his real life season. She is these days Britni’s date.

Hook-up: to the first Real World event, Brad constructed along with his roommate Frankie.

Rumors: Veronica, Arissa


Interactions: Currently, she actually is matchmaking Brad. She is paired with the girl ex-boyfriend Chuck.

Rumor: There’s some romance with Derrick K. that surfaced via Grimy 30 party.

Cara Maria

Connections: It’s no secret Cara Maria outdated Abram for around 5 years off and on, which finished with an incident on Bloodlines.

Hook-ups: Thomas on Bloodlines, Kyle on Vendettas and for sometime after.


Connection: Chuck out dated Britni for over 12 months after have you been currently the right one? by split up after dusty 30.


Hook-up: Chuck put in very much if are you presently usually the one? 3 captured between Hannah and Britni.


Commitment: CT dated Diem on / off for around a couple of years starting throughout the Duel. By the point The Duel 2 shot in 2008 they were separated. These people out dated after, but never verified themselves as one or two.

Hook-ups: Shauvon about Duel 2, Anastasia on competitors 2, Mandi on Rivals, Laurel on Rivals. Likewise, their hook up with Danni from dreadful Girls Club continues appropriate lately.

Hearsay: Nany, Cooke, and there’s an oldtime scuttlebutt he installed with Shane regarding Inferno. Shane provides declined this, and so I doubt there’s any actual facts to it.


Interactions: Derrick try paired with his own ex Tori this season, just who they dumped after Dirty 30. He also made an appearance as Angela’s ex on Ex about Beach.


Hook-ups: Devin had been regarded on Have You usually the one? for his continual romance with Kiki. Later on, on opponents 3 he had been seen with Camila.


Interactions: confidence was actually throw for Ex the coastline thanks to them romance with Jax Taylor. During Ex in the Beach, Faith’s ex Summer am introduced plus they are romantically required up until the end of the season.

Hook-ups: belief quickly entertained the breakthroughs of Tor’i, ergo why she’s paired with Angela.


Relationship: Jemmye is the most suitable reputed for the lady connection with Knight on real-world: New Orleans. They eventually made an appearance on fight for the Exes 2 collectively.

Rumors: Jay mentioned he might make outside with her while she was a student in ny during Exes 2. The Vendettas gathering shared a certain amount of union with Nicole Z.


Connections: Jenna premiered on Real World Ex-Plosion alongside Jay, this lady ex. These people showed up on challenge associated with the Exes 2 just where she began online dating Zach, this lady present date.

Hook-ups: Bruno, throughout the airline to Thailand for attack.

Johnny Bananas

Hook-ups: Casey Cooper, Trisha Cummings, Camila, Nany, Natalie, Kayleigh.

Rumors: Svetlana. It seems that the guy encouraged Emilee F. on at one-point and she kind of idea these people were in a relationship. He had been furthermore reported to get installed with Kellyanne after The Island.


Interaction: Kayleigh is his own ex on Ex of the Beach.

Hook-ups: Well, given that he’s solitary he’s started setting up with numerous real life TV trash.


Hook-ups: Dione and Dylan on her behalf Real World month. Cory on Invasion.

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