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Truly randomized patrolling to make our guards unpredictable to criminals on where they’ll be next and giving our clients the ability to see exactly where the guards have been throughout any particular shift. Along with electronic reporting with supporting imagery and video where necessary.


Be that as a concierge front desk support person or an overnight patrolmen. Our guards are experienced, courteous and professionally trained to work on your sites to deliver exceptional customer service while remaining to uphold our clients policies and enforce the local laws.


If you are not sure on how to execute your security needs or where to start. Our team here at Riddari can come out and meet with you to discuss your concerns and give you options on the best way to approach your site and deal with the issues you may be having.

What We Offer Our Services

Loss Prevention

Seeing a lot of theft at your place of business and you don’t know the who or when…

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Professional Physical Security

This is what Riddari is known for! Professional guards to assist …

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Consultation & Strategizing

Not sure where to begin for your security needs or maybe the type of security…

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CCTV Monitoring

It’s great having all those security cameras around. Without somebody constantly…

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Gate/Access Control

Want to make sure only those authorized are entering your properties…

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Issue Response Service

Want a security company to deal with issues you may have without paying the big dollars…

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Need Our Help ? Popular Question

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Feel free to submit your own today!

What is required to become a security guard in Ontario?

Individuals need to first have their first aid before taking a 40hr security course. Once successfully completed the person will need to then write a ministry exam and then once passed, they can apply for a license. Please check with your local government’s website for details. https://www.ontario.ca/page/security-guard-or-private-investigator-licence-individuals

Security Training Course link

What experience is needed to work in Security?

Having strong oral and written communication skills, attention to detail, professionalism and integrity, along with great customer service is what builds a strong foundation to becoming a top security guard.

How much can I make as a security guard?

It all depends on your qualifications and the job you’re assigned too. RIDDARI however prides itself in being one of the highest paying private contractors!

Is security work dangerous?

You always want to be alert and paying attention when working in security. It’s your preparedness that can make the job simple and safe or difficult and dangerous. Here at RIDDARI we will make sure you are the right fit for the job we assign you and will make sure someone is available to guide you along the way.

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