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About Riddari

At Riddari, our primary goal is to build stronger, safer communities by providing security professional that uphold the law and municipal by-laws through surveillance and patrol techniques. Employees of Riddari also provide the human aspect of customer service that has been lost to security industry over the years. It these kinds of services and public relations that not only build safer and stronger communities, they promote positive growth to our future.


RIDDARI Security’s experience is vast, with 20yrs of knowledge in the industry and growing. This knowledge is passed down through our owners and upper management right down to the security professionals working day in and day out in the field. Below is some of the services we offer.

event security assisting


To make the need for security obsolete by empowering people and communities to live harmoniously and to have respect for one another, without discrimination of any kind. This is not a path easily obtained, but Riddari feels leading by example will bring this vision to life.

concierge security


Integrity, Respect, Leadership and Responsibility is our core. We believe that these traits are not only necessary for our own people, but to the people we serve as well. Being the example is what builds safer, stronger communities.


Riddari began operations back in 2015 as a networking resource to provide guards to establishments that were having troubles finding experienced and dedicated professionals. This lead to providing guard services to clients for events both private and public to now providing both continuous onsite support and 24/7 mobile response.

2019 - 2020

RIDDARI Security began providing full long term support to clients through 24/7 coverage with mobile response and continuous onsite patrols. Launched our state of the art guard app that gives clients and managers the ability to track the guards in real time or to see where they’ve been. Along with providing full electronic reporting with images and videos, so that all the information you need about the security of your sites is only one click away.

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2018 - 2019

RIDDARI became a licensed security entity supplying professional guards directly to clients for private and public events such as weddings, Christmas parties, Optimist Canada Day, corporate parties and fundraisers, restaurants, etc.

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2017 - 2018

RIDDARI opened its doors and began providing unbiased 3rd party consulting to assist businesses and event planners with security requirements, breaches and correcting existing security issues.

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2001 - 2015

Began our networking referral services to security companies and businesses looking to have dependent and professional guards for them to hire directly.

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Present - 2001

Founders working independently in the industries of security, law and human resources accumulated the experience and developed the knowledge required to provide exceptional service. This lead to the corporate design structure and service we provide today from your standard onsite patrol and entry control guards and event coverage to plain clothed loss prevention guards and VIP services.

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